Media and the Inner World AHRC Research Network

Two short courses devised by Media and the Inner World AHRC Research Network that will be running during the Autumn of this year.

*    In collaboration with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, we have
designed a CPD course aimed at psychotherapists, entitled ‘Experiences of
Psychotherapy and the Media’.

This course sets out to explore the relationships between psychotherapy and
the influence of the media in professional practice and everyday life. The
sessions will engage creatively with a range of questions related to the
dilemmas of practising in a promotional culture where the traditional values
of psychotherapy are often challenged and transformed through representations
on TV and the radio; through the use of new media social networking
techniques such as Twitter and Facebook; and through the promotion of
psychotherapy practice online. The course is designed by MiW and will draw on
a range of clinical and scholarly expertise to explore the experience of
psychotherapy and its relationship to the media to ask how psychotherapists
might engage creatively with developments in this field. Further details are
enclosed in the attached flyer and can be found online here:

Course Dates: Monday 2nd October – Monday 31st October inclusive. Bookings
are now open!

*    In collaboration with the Freud Museum, we have designed a short
course entitled ‘Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture’.

This course uses psychoanalytic ideas to explore the emotional and
therapeutic experiences of popular culture and the media. It takes as its
starting point the idea that we live in a therapeutic society where the media
provide potential spaces through which to experience different emotions. The
sessions will discuss various themes in popular culture and media, as for
example, emotive representations of motherhood in film and the flirtatious
mechanisms of ‘spin’ in political media culture. A key task of these
discussions will be to explore the emotional work involved when engaging with
popular culture and how these emotions are symbolised and expressed at
personal, social and cultural levels of experience. Further details can be
found on the Freud Museum website:

Course Dates: Monday 5th November – Monday 3rd December inclusive. Bookings
are now open and places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

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