Performance of The Talented Mr Ripley: 21st Feb

Saturday, 21st February 2015

MiW@The Faction Theatre Performance and Discussion Panel: Identity Theft and The Talented Mr. Ripley


It is 60 years since Patricia Highsmith first published her hugely successful and disturbing psychological thriller, The Talented Mr Ripley, and its themes of murder, identity theft, and erotic, jealous desire have continued to fascinate readers ever since.


On Saturday, 21st February, 6.30pm, The Faction theatre company will perform The Talented Mr Ripley at the New Diorama Theatre, Regent’s Place Estate, London NW1 3BF


The play will be followed by a special MiW discussion panel on the theme of Identity Theft and the Talented Mr. Ripley, with speakers from the worlds of psychotherapy and academic research and members of the cast.


Speakers on this panel include:  Brett Kahr (Psychotherapist), Academic scholar, Iain MacRury (Bournemouth University) and MiW Director, Candida Yates (Bournemouth University).


For tickets, please  contact:

Mark Leipacher


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